Background information:

President Gaudino accepted a $500,000 retention initiative offered by the CWU Board of Trustees during the fall of 2010. This offer and the immediate responses can be found in the following newspaper articles:

More recently, the following has occurred:

The Academic Mission:

Restoring funding: Our shared goal is to restorefunding and reverse negative trends related to budget cuts. Remember, cuts to academics translate directly impact the quality of education CWU students receive.

Academic reputation: Another shared goal is to enhance CWU's academic reputation, as demonstrated by:

Working in Olympia

Efficiency, Transparency, and Accountability


In summary, should President Gaudino's performance rise to the high standards lauded by the Board of Trustees and enunciated here, the United Faculty of Central will be the first to praise his efforts. We commit to that.

However, if not, a CWU alumnus and Kittitas County resident said it best "Anyone who doesn't care enough about the University to share in the sacrifice doesn't care enough about the University to be president."


Finally, some grafitti found on campus: