United Faculty of Central (UFC) is the university faculty union which represents the interests of all Central Washington University faculty (including coaches) on matters of wages, salaries, and working conditions. All faculty are in the bargaining unit. (For the distinction between the bargaining unit and members, see here.) A Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA), jointly signed by CWU and UFC, and ratified by CWU's Board of Trustees and by UFC's membership, specifies policies and procedures related to these matters. UFC is led by four elected officers, and an Executive Board. A separate Bargaining Team handles contract negotiations.





Officers (2022-2023)

                                     President                                                          Vice President

                                    Kara Gabriel                                                                                      Clay Arango


                                          Psychology, COTS                                              Biological Sciences/Environmental Studies, COTS

                                 ufcentral.president@gmail.com                                        ufcentral.vicepresident@gmail.com

                          Communications Officer                                           Financial Officer

                                  Sarah Feeney                                                          Lauren Wittek





                          Family and Consumer Sciences, CEPS                                                                  Library

                        ufcentral.communications@gmail.com                                             ufcentral.financial@gmail.com 

Executive Board

An Executive Board assists the officers in managing the affairs and business of the UFC.
Members for 2022-2023 include:

              Chong Eun Ahn, History                                          James Avey, Management

              Ruthi Erdman, English                                             Kevin Feeney, Interdisciplinary Studies

              Liz Fountain, ITAM                                                   Dan Lipori, Music

              Rodrigo Rentería-Valencia, Anthropology                Karen Roemer, Health Sciences

              Terry Wilson, Management

Bargaining Team

Faculty may always contact the officers (listed above), but we also encourage faculty with questions or concerns to reach out to a UFC liaison. It need not be a liaison in your own department.

The current liaisons (on top of the faculty listed above) are:

Roxanne Easley (History), Steve Hackenberger (Anthro.), Bob Hickey (Geog.), Keith Lewis (Art + Design), Jean Marie Linhart (Math), Rich Marsicano (Psych.), Josh Nelson (World Lang.), Jeff Penick (Psych.), Holly Pinkart (Biol. Sci.), Rodrigo Rentería-Valencia (Anthro.), Roger Schaefer (L&J), Todd Schaefer (Poli. Sci.), Bob Trumpy (ITAM), Josh Welsh (English)


United Faculty of Central supports the rights of all CWU employees and students to equal recognition and protection under the law. As our slogan says, Our working environment is our students' learning environment. UFC is committed to creating a working environment for faculty in which both faculty and students can pursue the University's educational mission, unimpeded by prejudice of any kind. At this tragic moment we wish to state unequivocally our full support for both CWU's faculty and students of color. We see you, and we stand with you.