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UFC established the Emergency Assistance Fund to assist its members with personal financial emergencies (i.e., fire, floods, theft, accidents, etc).

All current UFC, PSE, and WFSE members employed by Central Washington University are eligible to apply for emergency assistance funds.  Former UFC, PSE, and WFSE members whose membership was terminated due to loss of employment at Central Washington University are also eligible to apply for emergency assistance funds within 6 months of their date of termination.

For information about the EAF and instructions on how to apply, click here.


The UFC EAF is funded by donations. The more you donate, the more we have to help our members! 

All donations are tax deductible and go directly to help union members with personal financial emergencies.

You can donate in one of two ways:

  1. To make automated deductions from your CWU paycheck, which can be started and stopped at your convenience, go to the Washington State Combined Fund Drive. Click "Donate" in the upper-right corner, and search for UFC Emergency Assistance Fund (Charity Code: 1482999). Then just follow the prompts to start giving! You'll need your CWU employee ID number.

  2. To send a donation by check, send your check to:

UFC Emergency Assistance Fund

PO Box 1654

Ellensburg, WA 98926


For more information, contact the UFC Vice-President at

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