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A grievance is an allegation of "a violation of a specific section of [the Collective Bargaining] Agreement" (CBA 29.2.1).

A complaint is an allegation "involving substantive academic judgments in matters of workload, reappointment, promotion, tenure, and post-tenure review" (CBA 29.2.2).

Filing a formal complaint or grievance with UFC is the proper way to challenge an academic judgment or a violation of the CBA. Only UFC can file a formal complaint or grievance. Individual faculty members may not do so.

Both grievances and complaints must be filed with CWU administration within 30 days of the precipitating event.

How to request a complaint or grievance:

Reach out to the current UFC President at Provide your name and contact information, and a brief description of your issue.

Please be as specific as possible about your allegation. In particular, for a grievance, please identify which article and section of the CBA that you believe has been violated.

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