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Here are two organizations we recommend if you care about higher education in our state.

The College Promise Coalition is an advocacy group which brings together a diverse array of public, private and non-profit higher education stakeholders and supporters. Coalition members represent Washington’s public and private four and two-year colleges and universities. This unprecedented partnership aims to advocate for higher education opportunity and access for all Washington students, and to work with policymakers to adopt and fund policies that increase higher education attainment.


In particular, there is a tremendous need to increase funding for State Need Grants, which allow low-income Washingtonians to pursue higher education. You can play a part by contacting your legislators and expressing your support for this funding. The CPC can connect you to your representatives and help you to make your voice heard on this issue.

The Four Year Institution Political Action Committee (FYI-PAC) is an independent, unaffiliated political action committee, launched to support candidates who understand the value of Washington’s public universities.


The FYI-PAC welcomes contributions from anyone who supports affordable, accessible, quality four-year public education in Washington. Washington’s public universities are some of the best and most cost-efficient in the country.


University graduates from Washington state institutions are prepared for the state’s most demanding jobs and poised to make tremendous contributions to the society as educated, engaged, tax-paying citizens.

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